Baltic Surveyors Group Ltd.

Baltic Surveyors Group was established in 1st January 1999 as Company with limited liability.
We provide technical surveys and expertises for insurance Market, Shipping and Maritime Industry.

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We are performing approx. 200 surveys per year on different types of small crafts and vessels

Major activites:

  • Wide scope of surveys for hull and machinery underwriters,
  • Condition surveys for H&M and P&I Clubs and other services for P&I Clubs – cargo damage, oil pollution etc.
  • Loss of Hire surveys,
  • ISM/ISPS audits,
  • Inspections on behalf of the Flag administration (Panama, Belize)
  • On/Off hire surveys,
  • Surveys for PMQS and Maritime Security Auditor,
  • Small craft surveys,
  • Polish ship registrations / permanent and temporary
  • Surveys of fixed and floating objects (FFO)/ quay damages / locks etc.
  • "Supervision of ship's building, repairing and/or conversion shipyards worldwide."
  • Groundings and Fire damages,
  • Towage approval surveys,
  • Valuations, pricing and expertise,
  • Appointing surveyors, experts, lawyers
  • Investors Supervisions,
  • D&A testing on board the vessels, as agent for Elssi Ltd.
  • Technical Consultancy in small craft and ships repairs and building,
  • and more...
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